When it comes to music there is so much to learn. From what each note means, and the types of notes each instrument is capable of playing. Every instrument sounds so different, even those that have some of the same notes. This is what makes them unique and interesting to learn. 

If you are looking to learn an instrument for the first time, or you are looking for a new instrument to try, it can be difficult to know which option is the best for you. Even those who are naturally gifted at music will find some instruments easier to learn than others. This is why it is always fun to try a few different options before deciding on an option. 

Hi, my name is David Williams, and I am a bassoonist. However, I can also play the piano, violin, and the majority of wind instruments. I have been reading music and playing musical instruments from a young age, and I love regularly playing instruments as part of an orchestra. There is something so fantastic about hearing the instruments all come together to perform an impressive piece of music, especially when it is a classical piece.  

I recently decided to share my love for music and instrument playing online, in the hopes that it would encourage others to try something new. Playing an instrument is both fantastic and rewarding. Through this blog, I hope that you will gain a clearer understanding of both music and musical instruments.