The 5 Best Violin Shoulder Rests

The violin is a beautiful instrument, but in order to play it properly over long periods of time, you need certain accessories. One of the key accessories you will need if you want to play the violin is a shoulder rest. 

Because the violin is notorious for being the most difficult stringed instrument to play, it makes sense to set yourself in good stead by minimizing potential distractions and obstacles to your performance. 

Resting a violin on your shoulder for hours at a time can feel quite uncomfortable. This discomfort often compromises proper posture, which may lead to chronic pain in the shoulder and neck area. 

By purchasing one of these 5 amazing violin shoulder rests, available through Amazon, you’ll be making your life as a violinist much easier, and you might even notice that your playing improves.


The overall best-selling violin shoulder rest on Amazon right now is the Everest EZ-4A Violin Shoulder Rest.

This shoulder rest is primarily built for 4/4 violins, but it’s adjustable, so it can also fit 3/4 violins. Additionally, the Everest EZ-4A shoulder rest is compatible with violas measuring 13 and 14 inches. 

Everest’s EZ-4A Violin Shoulder Rest is made of ABS plastic, so it’s very durable and almost impossible to break. Plus, because the feet of the shoulder rest are coated with soft, non-slip material, they won’t scratch or otherwise damage your violin. 

The Everest EZ-4A is a very ergonomic shoulder rest, partly because it only weighs 91 grams, so it’s lightweight as well as durable and won’t throw off your posture. 

Just be careful when adjusting the size of this shoulder rest because the screw holes are relatively fragile.


  • 4/4 and 3/4 compatible - Versatile 
  • Fits 13 and 14-inch violas - Multipurpose 
  • ABS construction - Very durable 
  • Coated feet - Won’t damage instrument 
  • 91 grams - Lightweight


  • Fragile screw holes - Adjust carefully 


Number 2 on our list of the best violin shoulder rests on Amazon is the Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest.

Like our first pick, this shoulder rest is suitable for both violins and violas, so it’s highly compatible with a variety of stringed instruments. 

The Fiddlerman shoulder rest is more expensive than our best overall pick, so it’s less accessible, but the quality is also higher. It’s made of durable, solid wood with a thick layer of foam padding for added comfort. 

We especially like that the feet are both height-adjustable and collapsible, meaning that the shoulder rest can fit players of different heights and builds and will be easy to store. 

You might want to have some glue at the ready though, just in case the foam layer begins to come unstuck over time. 


  • Fits violins and violas - Widely compatible 
  • Solid wood construction - High-quality 
  • Foam padding - Comfortable 
  • Height-adjustable feet - Versatile 
  • Collapsible feet - Easy storage


  • Foam might come unstuck - May need gluing back down


If you’re looking for the best budget-friendly violin shoulder rest, NANYI’s Violin Shoulder Rest is the product for you. 

This is an adjustable shoulder rest, so it can be adapted to fit both 4/4 and 3/4 violins. The brackets are on the weaker side, though, so you’ll need to handle the shoulder rest with care. 

The NANYI Violin Shoulder Rest is made of PVC with sponge padding. PVC is highly durable and wear-resistant, while the sponge is dense, ensuring maximum comfort. 

Thanks to the eco-friendly rubber material covering the pinch, the NANYI shoulder rest won’t slip or cause any scratch damage to your violin. Plus, since it’s height-adjustable, all players can use it!


  • For 4/4 and 3/4 violins - Adjustable 
  • PVC construction - Wear-resistant 
  • Dense sponge padding - Ergonomic 
  • Rubber pinch - Tough and eco-friendly 
  • Height adjustable - Fits all players


  • Fragile brackets - Needs careful handling 


 The Kun Original Violin Shoulder Rest is another best-selling shoulder rest on Amazon for violin players. 

You can adjust the Kun Original shoulder rest to fit 4/4, 3/4 and 1/2 violins. Additionally, the feet are height-adjustable, so you can also adjust the shoulder rest to your own build. 

With that being said, the feet are not foldable, which means that this shoulder rest might be difficult to store in your violin case, for example. 

This is a high-quality violin shoulder rest, with a contoured thermoplastic construction that ensures both longevity and ergonomic use. The layer of soft, sponge padding also helps to make the rest more comfortable. 

What the feet lack in terms of easy storage, they make up for with a rubber coating that prevents any damage to your violin. 


  • For 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2 violins - Fully adjustable 
  • Contoured thermoplastic construction - Ergonomic and durable
  • Sponge padding - Soft and comfortable
  • Rubber foot coating - No instrument damage
  • Height-adjustable - Tailorable to player


  • Not foldable - Difficult to store 


If you liked the Kun Original Violin Shoulder Rest, but wish it were collapsible, then you’re in luck! Kun also manufactures a Collapsible 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest. 

Like the Kun Original, this shoulder rest is made of thermoplastic, so it’s durable and won’t easily break. However, the layer of sponge padding may wear down over time, so you might find that it becomes less comfortable after a point. 

The feet are height-adjustable and collapsible, so you can adjust them to allow for the best posture before folding them down for storage. 

Because the feet are also coated in rubber, they won’t scratch your violin and they won’t slip, either. 


  • Thermoplastic build - Robust 
  • Rubber-coated feet - Non-slip
  • Soft sponge layer - User-friendly 
  • Collapsible feet - Easy storage 
  • Adjustable height - Versatile design


  • Padding wears down - May get less comfortable over time
The 5 Best Violin Shoulder Rests on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Store A Violin Shoulder Rest?

Some violin cases have a dedicated compartment for shoulder rest storage. Others don’t, in which case, you may be able to store your shoulder rest underneath the neck of your violin. 

However, storing your violin shoulder rest anywhere in your violin case can be difficult if the feet don’t fold down. If you have a shoulder rest without folding feet, you may need to find a separate storage container for it. 

Do I Need A Violin Shoulder Rest? 

A shoulder rest isn’t mandatory for violin players. Many great players don’t use shoulder rests. However, if you’re finding that playing the violin feels uncomfortable or even hurts, a shoulder rest may be the best way to minimize your discomfort. 

As we mentioned earlier, shoulder rests can also encourage better posture, which might reduce aches and pains and even possibly help you to play better. 

Can I Leave The Shoulder Rest On My Violin?

If you leave the shoulder rest on your violin, you won’t be able to close the lid on your violin case. 

Some violin players leave the shoulder rest on the violin temporarily, leaving the case lid open until it needs to be transported. However, we wouldn’t recommend this because the slightest disturbance from pets, children, or even an earthquake could cause the lid to fall closed.

If this happens with the shoulder rest on, your violin may be damaged. 

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